The Jam: “Come Along” by Vicci Martinez ft. Cee Lo Green

Well kittens, it’s officially Thursday night, aka “the new Friday”…But maybe really the new Saturday, because everyone seems to start going out on Wednesdays now anyway. Anyway! Tonight, all I really wanted to do is share my obsession with this song, “Come Along” by Vicci Martinez and Cee-Lo, which isn’t even new. It is, however, new to me!

If you’re equally clueless about Vicci, she’s a vocalist and acoustic guitar player from Washington who came in third on “The Voice” two years ago. Full disclosure: I’m not sure if learning any of this information has made me like her or more…or less. If you were similarly unaware of these facts, feel free to  join me in my ambivalence. Regardless of its roots, “Come Along” is currently my jam and I refuse to stop listening to it. Happy (almost) weekend!


Liza, Editorial Director


4 thoughts on “The Jam: “Come Along” by Vicci Martinez ft. Cee Lo Green

  1. Not only is this a great song..ALL of Vicci’s other songs are outstanding!! I Can Love & Run,Run,Run need to be played on radio stations everywhere too!!!

  2. Vicci, earned third place the first season of The Voice. Always wanted her to win because an unforgettable tone of voice and amazing energy on stage. Love her so much!!!!!

    • Agreed! Such a beautiful voice! I’m totally shocked that this song is just now getting airplay in Minneapolis!

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