The Obsesh: Retro Flip-Up Shades

url-2Now everyone knows that one of the best way to look on point is to have a badass pair of hater-blockers. I’m not just talking about some bougie Prada cat-eyes, but rather a pair of some wickedly funky retro flip up shades. Growing up, flip up sunnies were the bomb, so now that they are back in style, I could not resist. sells a few different types for $14-16, but the same Maxine Flip Sunglasses at Urban, I found on eBay for $6. They are super quirky and add something unique, but don’t spend more than $15ish max. So if your eye game needs some vamping, try it out!

MAC viva glam 2 A51 Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 10.00.42 AM

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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