Zoë Kravitz x Swarovski: The Newest Name in Boho Baubles


With acting, singing, and modeling credits all under her belt, it was only a matter of time before it-girl Zoë Kravitz added “designer” to her resumé.

One of Zoë's mood boards for her jewelry line. How fab is this?! Photo via HuffPo.

One of Zoë’s mood boards for her new jewelry line…How fab is this?! Photo via HuffPo.

23-year-old Zoë, daughter of rockstar Lenny Kravitz and Cosby kid Lisa Bonet, has officially launched her own jewelry line! The nine-piece capsule collection, inspired by India and Morocco, is a collaboration between Kravitz and Swarovski Crystallized…and the resulting designs are a perfect display of bohemian baddassery.

The line features  turquoise–Zoë’s birthstone–brushed silver, and (naturally) crystal accents in necklaces, bracelets, and rings that are somehow both bold and dainty. I love the beautiful chain draping and sparkle subtle throughout the line! Bonus: each piece is ideal for layering or wearing solo. If you’re similarly inspired by vintage baubles, travel, and turquoise, this collection is a must. Pieces range in price from $90 to $194 and are available at Swarovski Crystallized stores and online.


Liza, Editorial Director

PS! To see Zoë’s collection in its entirety, check out this slideshow from Teen Vogue!


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