The Obsesh: Cartier Love


My love for the Cartier LOVE bracelet has really surpassed reasonable thought, if there ever was such a thing. This 18 carat yellow gold bracelet goes for about $5,850 and has been spotted on virtually every blogger out there. Why? Well besides being exorbitant in cost, the versatility of this bangle is just nuts. I’ve seen it styled with an outfit costing less than $50 and with and outfit exceeding $5,000. Gold is the language of the east, and Parisian God Cartier has spoken it with so much understated western elegance. Having spent a considerable amount of time in Dubai haggling in the gold souks and shopping at places like Damas and Alukkas over real 24 carat gold, I know for a fact the upcharge for it being “brand name” gold is cray. The simplicity, detail, and minimal design all does it for me. Honestly, I know this bracelet is just unreasonable, but I want it. What do you think Miuexs? Is this fashion forward, or just budget backward?


(The ultimate Cartier/Hermes wrist game. I have 2/3. I must complete the collection!)

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor


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