Lana Del Rey Goes Wild with Animal Accessories


When I first saw photos of Lana Del Rey at the Echo Music Awards, I thought her hair accessories were Grecian-inspired. A leafy crown fit for a Greek goddess seems totally appropriate for the gorgeous Miss Del Rey. Upon closer inspection, however, I realized that her hair clips weren’t leaves, but lizards: homegirl was wearing alligator hair clips!!…Maybe crocodiles. But definitely some sort of crystal-incrusted reptile. The songstress also sported a matching gator bangle, pushed high on her forearm.


Photos of Lana courtesy of Marie Claire UK.

Is this the next trend in jewelry?! Should you wish to emulate LDR’s Echo accessories, peep these finds for critter baubles in every price range.

$30 and Under


Topshop is offering a “chunky animal” charm collection complete with necklace, bracelet, and stud earrings, for $20-$28 each.

$30 – $60


Love this adjustable serpent bracelet from Fantasy Jewelry Box. This could be worn as a bangle, on the forearm, or even the upper arm depending on the occasion!



How Lana is this?! Alkemie makes this Costa Rican Croc ring for $154 if you’re looking to splurge. In fact, much of their line is animal inspired, so you can immortalize your favorite critter in bangle, ring, or necklace form.

Can animal accessories really be chic? Lana is certainly making me think so! To make the look your own, stick to a single specie per wear and keep the rest of your look simple. Personally, I’m most into animal jewelry that leans more towards ferocity: sharks, snakes, bumblebees. In fact, nOir makes a pretty fantastic jeweled rhino ring that I’m currently eyeing! Unless you’re fourteen, or your style aesthetic is over-the-top twee, cutesy animal jewelry (think rhinestoned kittens or sparkly pandas) is most stylishly worn with more edgy attire for balance. When it comes to fashion and personal style however, there are no hard-and-fast rules, so wear what you want and own it! Your end result may be just as captivating as Lana Del Rey’s.


Liza, Editorial Direcor


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