Say Hello to Hello Style


Have you heard of HelloStyle? It’s a collaborative effort between YouTube and publishing giant Hearst, resulting in the internet’s “most stylish new channel”. Launched in April of last year, Hello Style produces multiple weekly videos from some of Hearst’s most popular women’s publications. There’s celebrity gossip, makeup tips, trendspotting, and exclusive interviews…AKA the best tool for procrastination/distraction ever.


If you’re a magazine junkie, you’ll fall for Hello Style just as hard. And with good reason! The channel is, at it’s most basic, simply a live version of our favorite magazine features. Cosmopolitan offers a digital version of their popular “Sexy vs Skanky” column, Seventeen has a “Beauty Smarties” feature, and Bazaar has a video series called “The Look”. My personal favorite offering from Hello Style, however, is also my favorite traditional column from Marie Claire:  “Big Girl in a Skinny World”! I can’t easily explain my interest (which borders on obsession) with the column or show considering that the plus-sized tips aren’t particularly applicable, but I love great style! A woman can be stylish regardless of her size, and “Big Girl in a Skinny World” always offers awesome advice on how to be just that. If you’re a girl who’s into fashion, style, or trends, this series is definitely worth a watch–no matter what size you are. It’s one of my favorite sources of inspiration, and a great resource for finding new clothing lines, bloggers, and fashion icons. Check out Nicolette’s video on wardrobe essentials and investment pieces below!

Hello Style’s videos are posted in “episodes”, and each weekday boasts a different lineup or release. Mondays, for example, are reserved for Big GIrl in a Skinny World, Tuesdays for Sexy vs. Skanky, Thursday for Seventeen’s Beauty Smarties, and so on. It’s like a bunch of fashion-based, women’s-interest channels within a channel! That’s Inception-level YouTubing right there. Episodes of any given show generally range between 3-9 minutes in length, so they’re a great mid-day (or midnight) pick-me-up.

Have you tuned in to Hello Style? What’s your favorite program? Do you have any other YouTube channels that you turn to for fashion or style advice? Leave a comment and let us know!


Liza, Editorial Director


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