Dallas: Sazan Barzani and the Style of the South


When compared to the fashion capitals of the world like New York, Paris, Milan, etc., this southern city located in the heart of Texas may not appear as anything fabulous. However, Dallas has been steadily climbing the fashion ladder for years now. High-end stores such as Alexander McQueen and Bloomingdales, are all taking note of the city’s potential because throughout the nation’s economic turmoil, consumerism is still alive and well here. Good manners, barbecue, and cowboy boots are not all we have to boast about. We have some of the most passionate locals in the nation and what we lack in scenery, we make up for in style. For example, Dallas Fashion Week is a thriving movement of fashion conscious individuals that are really hyping up the scene here in D-town.


One of our emerging style gems has managed to make a name for herself and is definitely on the way to putting our city on the map! Meet Sazan Barzani, a local Dallas fashionista with a flair for the fabulous and fierce. I came across her blogazine SpazMag and was absolutely blown away. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but has represented the south in Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show hosted by People Magazine. I recently got the opportunity to ask her a few question about her style, life, and Dallas. Check it out!

Describe your personal style, and what you do.

The best way to describe my personal style is girly with a fierce and edgy twist. I always try to add an eye-catching statement to my look to make it an unforgettable one. In a career nut shell, I am a professional fashion blogger, host and model currently living in Los Angeles chasing the big dream. I run my own online magazine business called http://spazmag.com! Spaz Magazine is a colorful fashion and beauty blogazine that features everything from my inspirational outfit ideas, affordable DIY hair and beauty tips, fun designer collaborations, my travel journeys and even a menswear section! When I’m not ‘spazzing out’, I am a guest contributor for LuckyMag.com, The Dallas Style Examiner, and the popular fashion engine FIDOO.com. I absolutely love what I do because there’s never a dull moment in my day!

How has Dallas shaped your idea of fashion?

Good ole’ Dallas, Texas was where my love for fashion blossomed and became a growing business. Growing up I loved the Dallas fashion scene, partly because it was non-existent, which took away the pressure of having to ‘keep up with the fashion trends’. I was able to play with my own trends and experiment with my style.  It wasn’t until high school when I really started to recognize my individuality and the art of styling a wardrobe. It was so cool recently being named a national style setter for the South Region in Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show hosted by People Magazine. I was really proud to rep the south- the place where it all started for me!

You live in L.A. now. How are Dallas and L.A. different in terms of fashion consciousness?

In terms of fashion brands, It seems like everywhere I go here in L.A, there is a billboard or boutique on every street corner. In Dallas, fashion brands/designers are there but you have to go and look for it. Setting up collaborations for my magazine in Dallas was more challenging in that sense. The culture here is also very different than in Dallas. L.A is filled with so much diversity. There’s a lot of young people here who are trying to stand out, so you can definitely see that in their wardrobes.

What do you think about the fashion community in Dallas and it’s potential as a major fashion city?

Dallas has great potential! I went to a Dallas Fashion Week event last year and could see how passionate some of the coordinators were in making it the city’s version of NY fashion week! I have learned that if you want to see long-term success in anything, you have to be passionate and dedicated to make it happen. Dallas is filled with so many quiet talents who have the potential to make the Dallas fashion scene much larger long-term. I am definetly not finished with Dallas and hope to push some big fashion projects in the near future.

What are some of your favorite local go-to stores?

Whether I am in Los Angeles or Dallas, I love checking out small boutiques and thrift stores. You can always find a cool piece that no one else will have except you! Most Sundays here in LA, you will find me bargain hunting at the Melrose Flea Market that has so many vintage (and affordable) finds! I also love my cheap-but-chic stores like Forever21, H&M, ZARA and Nordstrom Rack!


Like Sazan, Dallas locals are well-traveled, well-rehearsed with all the latest trends, and have managed to find their own niche in the market. You may not see wild street style (No one walks, we have cars for that), but you will see a completely individual and classy flair to every look. The best part about our understatedly elegant Dallas? We rally behind all our great local thrift stores, restaurants, and attractions. So y’all, check out fellow Dallas gal Sazan at http://spazmag.com and definitely checkout Mieux & Mieux for all your fashion needs!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor


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