The Obsesh: Dainty Bar Necklaces


So I’ll keep it simple since the object that I am currently obsessed with is equally simple. A gold horizontal bar plate necklace. It’s dainty, and so sophisticated. Most of the time I forget I’m wearing mine, which is great because I just leave it on all the time. Now there’s so many different types of metals, length, colors, etc., but the best place online to find all the varieties is Etsy. They mostly have ones that are rectangular prisms, or then flat name plate ones. I prefer the flat ones since they rest better on the neck, some of which you can engrave things on for less than $50 total! What do you ladies think? Cop, or not? Let us know your thoughts!


Rida Islam, Fashion Editor


One thought on “The Obsesh: Dainty Bar Necklaces

  1. I love these too! Especially when they’re kinda off-set/not in the exact middle of a chain so they just float all around your neck. So pretty!

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