Word on the Streets


(Miroslava Duma, fashion babe)

Street style. What does that even mean? If you’re into reading blogs and such, then you’ve probably encountered this phrase. Honestly, it’s a very loose term now, but it means exactly what you think it means: style on the streets. Street style became a chronicling of fashion in motion, in the everyday, everyone, everywhere. It’s a reaction to high fashion runway  stuff (you know, the stuff that no one in real life wears). It’s a movement of expression among the youth, but more importantly, it’s an online universe. All the major fashion mags such as Lucky and Harper’s Bazaar all have a street style segment. Even D Magazine chronicles street style and almost all the people photographed are literally on a street of some sort.

Here are some of my personal fav street style bloggers and their blogs:


Audrey Leighton Rogers, Paris (http://www.befrassy.net/)


Lailli and Alizey Mirza, Dubai (http://pintsizedfashionista.com/)


Leandra Medine, New York (http://www.manrepeller.com/)


Danielle Bernstein, New York ( http://weworewhat.com/)

Personally, I love street style. I think it’s great to see what real people wear, but you wonder why some bloggers wear the same brand all the time. Many of these renowned fashion bloggers get paid to wear certain brands. Like any major red carpet event, designers are capitalizing on the online fashion world, which is a tactful move. Still, it’s great because it creates a fashion awareness. What do you ladies think about street style? To mieux or not to mieux?

Rida, Fashion Editor


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