The Blue Mieux

It’s human nature: everyone gets sad sometimes. Maybe you’re dealing with a stressful job. Relationship issues. Money problems. Hormones. Maybe you’re just a little blue. Whatever the reason, feeling down sucks! Read on for four Mieux-Do’s–our tried and tested ways to feel a little better in a snap–plus one thing you should try to avoid.

Mieux Do’s:

1. Express yourself. Sometimes, the best thing you can do to get in a better mood is to put yourself out there. Call a friend and spill your guts! Meet up with your mom for lunch! Send someone a rambling Facebook message! The people you care about will be able to offer you empathy, advice, or distraction with ridiculous YouTube videos. The last time I was having a hard time, I posted about it on my personal blog. While opening up about how I was feeling and organizing my thoughts in one place was therapeutic in and of itself, I also got some really sweet (and totally unexpected) notes and comments of support from my followers. It really helped.

2. Get physical. I know, I know: Working out is probably the LAST thing you feel like  doing when you’re upset. But fight that feeling! Grab your iPod, put on your Nikes, and head to the gym. Working out is a great distraction from whatever is bugging you. Once you’ve spent half an hour on the elliptical or ran a few miles, those Elle Woods-famed endorphins will start to kick in! You’ll get that glowy, blissful, I-can-do-anything feeling and burned some calories. Who can be upset after that?

3. Cry. There’s nothing better than a good cry, right ladies? Emote away! When I’m feeling extra pitiful, I actually take it to the next level with a cry bath. This sounds totally ridiculous, but it WORKS. Make a sad iTunes playlist (Someone Like You, anyone?) grab a few candles, bust out the scented bath products, and give yourself total license to bawl your eyes out. It’s totally dramatic and SO soothing. Perfect “me” time.

4. Treat yourself! Whether you choose retail therapy or a little pampering, it can be really surprising how good a little thing like a new book, a pair of shoes, or a massage can make you feel when you’re feeling crappy. Even better? Find someone who will let you play with their puppy. It can turn your whole day around! Finding something to get excited about can shift your mood and bust you out of a funk. You deserve it, darling!

But Don’t…

Over indulge. It’s totally tempting, but binging on drinks or crappy food will leave you feeling more depressed than before you had them Every. Damn. Time. The feelings of happiness or satisfaction garnered from over indulgence are totally fleeting. It’s just not the way to go. If you want to enjoy a glass of wine in your bath or go for froyo, that’s totally fine. Avoid, however, drinking an entire bottle while watching The Notebook, or noshing on a 20-piece chicken nugget meal followed by a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Trust.


Express yourself. Be a little selfish. And feel better!


Liza, Editorial Director

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