Mieux & Mieux Style Spotlight: Betsey Johnson Honey Bee Dress

Sometimes thrifting can be overwhelming. With so many one-of-a-kind pieces filling racks before your eyes (or pages at your fingertips if you’re shopping with us online!) sometimes discovering items you adore can be a bit tricky. Have no fear, thrift kitties! In this column, we’ll highlight some of Mieux & Mieux’s hidden gems and give you some ideas for how to wear them. Though there may only be one of everything, make sure to check out our online shop or stop by in person for similar styles. Score!

Mieux & Mieux ‚ô•s Betsey Johnson

Is designer Betsey Johnson most famous for her fanciful dresses, or her end-of-runway cartwheels?! Never afraid to go big with bright colors, bold patterns, frills galore, or bedazzled anything, Betsey’s over-the-top designs are some of our favorites. For the last 40 years (Betsey celebrated her brand’s 40th year in business this past September), Ms. Johnson has been creating pieces that are totally glamourous and always a little wild. Every Mieux girl needs at least one Betsey item in her closet. This Honey Bee Dress is a great contender! Dressed up or dressed down, this silky stunner would make a great addition to any wardrobe. Wondering how to style it? Peep my tips for lingerie-inspired looks below!

Style Inspiration: Casual


Slip dresses can be extremely sexy, but they can also be fairly demure. The key to creating a look that’s down-to-earth and casual is not only teaming the Honey Bee dress with simple pieces, but also considering the fit of the dress itself. If you plan to wear a slip dress casually, don’t squeeze into it! A relaxed, loose fit is far more casual and flattering than a tight one.

Style Inspiration: Classic


I love the addition of tights, pumps, and a little fur for a glamourous, old-hollywood inspired look! It’s also well-rounded: There is texture from the fur, shine from the dress, and pattern from the chevron tights. This would be a super fun outfit for date night, or perhaps to a Gatsby-inspired soiree?!

Style Inspiration: Wild


If you’re a wild child, this look is for you! It’s one part Betsey and one part Ke$ha! Totally sassy. Sling an embellished belt low on your hips, accentuate those legs with a pair of sexy lace tights, and top it off with a bright red lip. A YSL clutch gives the look a little something extra.

Are you a size M/L and need this dress in your closet? Pick it up from Mieux & Mieux here! And remember: we only have one!


Liza Najimi, Editorial Director


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