Trend Alert: Sneaker Wedges

Marant Bekket

The love child of the high-top sneaker and wedge, dubbed sneaker wedge, is one of the more unique shoe trends to come about. The sneaker wedge is part style, part function, allowing all us girls to stay comfortable without abandoning a little lift. Street style bloggers are all about the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge this season, pairing it with tight, leather skinnies, chambray, and beanies. Practically every major fashion house like Marc Jacobs has taken a spun at shoe. You’ve probably seen these on the shelves lately, and if you’re a little hesitant, try some of the cheaper counter parts to the pricey Marant sneaks.

marant bekket 640

Isabel Marant ($640)

ASH coolter UO 295

ASH Coolter Sneaker Wedge, Urban Outfitters ($295)

madden hilight 150

Steve Madden Hilight ($150)

Target kahsha 34.99

Target Kahsha ($34.99)

gojane 28.40 Sneaker Wedge ($28.40)

So if you’re feeling a little street, give these a try and Instagram your shoe game with #mieuxandmieux so we can see just how fabulous you look! And if you’re definitely not feeling this sneaker wedge union, let us know your thoughts!

Rida, Fashion Editor


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