Ring Etiquette


Some people collect stamps, I collect rings (and shoes, nbd). My mother calls me a jewelry junkie, but she also comes from the Indian mentality that if it’s not twenty four carat gold, then it’s garbage. I personally think my collection of rings, which I collect like Pokemon, are more valuable than real gold. Every ring tells a story. And some are just random snags, which is still a story in itself. Some I purchased myself, others were gifts like my two beloved House of Harlow Sundial rings.


I tend to go for a variety of pieces. They vary from timeless to modern and sometimes just outright bizarre, like my brass knuckle rings with spikes. I like mixing rings, gold & silver. Pair stones with solid metal pieces to balance them out. The two-finger or three-finger rings are the trend, so do not be afraid to make a bold statement. Also, midi rings are super fun. Whether you are as crazy as I am, or perhaps more subtle, pick rings that loosely relate to your personality. Take chances and pair rings that do not match. I mean, what is the worst that could happen? If you get second thoughts, take them off. Also, do not hesitate to stack rings if you run out of fingers. url-3 50a4df47ae6e96fd6f522dc603d831c4 161355599121321767

So what is overkill? I do not suggest going overboard with rings if the occasion does not call for it, but realize that they are called “statement rings” for a reason. Also, I suppose if you cannot move your fingers at all, then that typically means you have overdone it, debatable though. If you do not know where to start finding crazy rings check on Pinterest, Etsy, or Mieux & Mieux. Some of my personal favorite stores to scout rings are:

1. House of Harlow

2. Urban Outfitters

3. Alexander McQueen


Most importantly, remember, it is never about the brands when it comes to rings. Your mother’s, or grandmother’s rings are invaluable in comparison to fashion rings, so do them justice. And of course, Mieux & Mieux carries lots of thrifted vintage jewelry, so definitely check us out!

Rida, Fashion Editor


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