Long Live McQueen


For those of you who may not know me, you should know I lust after all things McQueen. Sir Lee is hands down my favorite designer to date. We first met (metaphorically, of course) back in 2007 when he launched his collection for MAC. I became intrigued with this unknown British designer, but much to my surprise, McQueen was anything but novice or unknown. His bizarre runway antics captivated me and brought a perspective to fashion I had never imagined. The weird, androgynous look he brought to couture clothing was beyond our time, and beyond my comprehension.

Lee Alexander McQueen was born in London and began his journey in fashion from a very young age. He earned the title l’enfant terrible as a rebellious artist, much like Jean Paul Gaultier, and even had a rough stint at Givenchy. After a long repertoire, McQueen committed suicide in February 2010. The company is now under the creative direction of Sarah Burton.

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Whether it’s his iconic lobster claw platforms, or the headpieces and face veils, to the popular skull scarves and clutches, McQueen is known to shock the fashion industry every season. I can write novels about his details and tailoring and bead work, but ultimately you just gotta see it for yourself. While McQueen is no longer with us, he still manages to push the limits of fashion and challenge conventions. Long live McQueen.

Rida, Fashion Editor


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