On Point: Stiletto Nails

nkgrCelebrity fashion has a way of growing more and more outrageous and while most of the over-the-top antics are showcased by Lady Gaga (sorry Gaga, backseat for now), this one began right at the tips of our fingers. Literally.

Stiletto nails have been developing a fan base for quite some time. I walked into my local nail salon last Halloween to try out the trend and the manicurist looked at me as if I had lost my mind when I asked for pointed tips. I got mixed reactions of people thinking the nails were either freakish or fierce. I loved them though! My babygirl Lana del Rey is known for many signature quirks, including long witch-like fingers as she croons. Bad gal Rihanna has been seen sporting sharp tips on many occasions as well, including on her album cover.

Some have more subtle, rounded ones, while others push the limits with claws of doom. Still, they’ve generated a polarizing reaction amongst the general public. Mieux & Mieux is weighing in: Are stilettos only meant for the feet? Let us know!

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Rida, Fashion Editor


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