DIY: Vintage Levi Studded Denim Shorts

DIY cutoffs

(DIY vintage high-waisted studded Levis, H&M neon crossbody, FlyJane shades, UO cuff, and House of Harlow Sundial ring)

Summer in Texas means sweet tea, sunglasses, and denim Daisy Dukes. Pictured above is my fav go-to summer look that I made myself (not the bag and accessories of course). Before you freak out and are all “Omg I’m totally not creative” then splurge on ready-made ones for like  $50+, hear me out: These shorts are simple and super fabulous

Here’s what you need:

  1. Jeans or shorts (I thrifted a pair of vintage Levi high-waisted jeans)
  2. Bleach
  3. A tub/sink
  4. A spoon
  5. Scissors
  6. Pyramid studs
  7. Sand paper (though I used a nail file for lack of resources)


  1. Cut the jeans or shorts to the length you want. Use another pair of shorts as a guide. Be careful around the crotch area.
  2. Put shorts in a tub and barely soak in warm water. Don’t drench it. It might be helpful to use the shower head on warm and basically drizzle to where they are just moist
  3. Take a spoon of bleach and splatter wherever you want on the short. I did the bottom and pocket areas (basically outlining the shorts)
  4. Let sit for 10-15 minutes, I would basically keep checking back in 10min increments because this is all contingent upon how dark your jeans already were and how light you want them to be. Some denim takes longer to soak in. You will be able to tell when its getting really white, so keep an eye out.
  5. After you got the dye shade right, gently shake off excess liquid and toss in dry for a light tumble. (Some people prefer to air dry, totally up to you)
  6. Now that they are fully dyed and dried, it’s time for the studs. I ordered gold pyramid studs off eBay for like $4 since Hobby Lobby is perpetually sold out. Make sure you get the right size (I got 12mm) and also that they have the 4 prongs for insertion. Once you’ve got your studs, just pluck them in wherever you  like and use scissors to bend the prongs on the inside of the shorts. They should stay put if you don’t get too rough with the shorts.
  7. Final touches include distressing the cut, dyed, dried, studded shorts. They say use sand paper, but seriously, who has that at home? I used a really coarse nail file. I would take scissors to make little holes or snips along the edges then nail file the thread.

And that’s it! I finished mine within 2hrs total. You could pair these with a cute tank and a blazer for a hot summer date night or with a fun crop top by the pool. They are super festive for 4th of July. I’ve also used mine through the winter with sheer tights and a chunky knit! And if by the end of this you’re totally not up for the DIY, keeping checking in at Mieux & Mieux for some cute shorts to pop up!

Rida, Fashion Editor


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