Throwback Thursday: Unzipped


Boring Thursday night?

Love fashion?

Love fashion shows?

Unaware that designer Isaac Mizrahi did much more than create a line for Target?

If any of the above are true, you must watch Unzipped.

Yes, it’s 18 years old. Yes, many of the garments featured in the movie aren’t styles we’re wearing today. BUT, if you’re looking for a title on Netflix instant that’s fashion-based, factual and entertaining, Unzipped is for you.

The documentary follows Isaac Mizrahi as he attempts to style and perfect his collection and concepts for its début in NYFW of ’94. It’s funny, fashionable, and (obviously) a little crazy, most of which stems from Mizrahi’s incredible energy and creativity. After all, not many people could use a Ouija board to create a well-received collection with influences from “Hollywood Eskimo” to “Hitchcock dominatrix”.

I first watched the doc in a retail merchandising class in school, and loved it so much that I forced my then-boyfriend to sit through it on a random Saturday night that spring…And HE liked it too! So there ya go. Add in ridiculous 90’s cameos from Richard Gere, Naomi Campbell, and Liza Minnelli plus this scene about the root of the word “yarn’t”, and you should have a pretty clear picture of why this throwback, and Mizrahi himself, are so awesome.  Check out Unzipped and see what all of the excitement was about!


Liza, Editorial Director


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