Beauty: These Lips Are Sealed

The term accessory can mean a whole spectrum of things beyond the typical cocktail ring or handbag. In this case, your lips may be a great accessory. I’m notorious for rocking a constant colored lip, it’s true, but usually what happens is I’ll spend too much time on my hair and won’t get enough time for make-up. There are, however, three essentials that I always make time for: mascara, blush, and a colored lip. It’s also important to balance out your face, so you don’t look like a panda. If you’re going heavy on the lips, go easy on the eyes and vice versa. A bold lip can make anything dressier, but can also look garish and cheap. Honestly, I’m not a huge make-up hoarder (shoes & sunnies are my forte), but if there is anything I will invest in, it’s lipstick. The reason why? Quality shows. You can easily get away with drugstore eyeliner, mascara, blush, eyeshadow, even foundation, but most of the time a $2 lipstick will look like a $2 lipstick. Here’s a compilation of selfies with my go-to lips:


MAC Impassioned BA1 is a bright matte, almost neon hot pinky orange. The color is perfect for skin tones for which a red might be too harsh. I lined this with an Urban Decay Super-Saturated Lip Color in Crush.


MAC Media A52 is my most favoritest lipstick ever. This deep plum is so matte and heavy, perfect on a leather jacket, or a black on black attire for that sultry pseudo-goth look. It’s edgy and high-fashion. Definitely makes me feel like a badass.


MAC Pink Nouveau B71 is my bubbly, fun, and flirty lippy. In this pic, I loved the juxtaposition of a cutesy lip and spiked collar. With my skin tone in mind, it’s the closest I could get to that insane Nicki Minaj pink color. I used a Tarte light pink base than the lipstick on top, which is matte itself. Super juicy.


MAC Ruby Woo AB7 is gushing with glamour. This is the ultimate sexy matte red. I did try the CoverGirl red which came close, but MAC won with the perfect matte finish. I love love love, can’t go wrong with a classic red.


MAC Viva Glam II A51 is the perfect nude for my skin tone. Obviously, everyone’s “nude” is tailored to their actual nude skin color, so this may not work for everyone. It’s really easy to start looking sickly with a nude lip, so be careful. Of all the lipstick colors of the rainbow, this is the hardest to maneuver because it needs to match up right. I highly recommend seeking the help of a cosmetologist if you want the perfect shade. Nude is meant to be minimal.

As you’ve seen, I matte it up, and the thing with matte is, you need to make sure your lips are well moisturized beforehand so that matte lipstick doesn’t look flaky on your lips. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I just use Carmex or Vaseline. Moisturize the night before, if possible, so the next day your lips are ready to go for an emergency lipstick. A common misconception is that you need Angelina Jolie smackers to rock a fab lippy. No. You just need lip liner and color that works. Also, I love MAC because I feel it’s affordable, dramatic in color, and high quality, but other brands may work just as well. Before splurging too much, shop around. Most brands such as YSL, Chanel, Dior, MAC, etc. all carry almost the same shades. Lastly, if you are the type that thinks a bold lip might be a tad too much, remember this: Confidence is the best accessory.

Rida, Fashion Editor


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