Trend Alert: Strapped

For those of you who have not caught wind of the latest shoe trend, behold the super chic ankle strap heel. This trend is my current obsession and first blew up with designer Alexander Wang‘s Fall 2011 collection, with other designers in hot pursuit. While the ankle strap really isn’t something revolutionary, it went from the special-occasion shoe to the everyday go-to. Blogger’s love this style, pairing it with the traditional cocktail dress, to jeans and a blazer. Here’s the breakdown:

wang lliya 495

(Wang Liya, $495)

wang joan leather point toe pump 545 272

(Wang Joan, $545)

Wang antonia 495

(Wang Antonia, $495)

The Great Alexander Wang has got it down. Something about his clean solid designs have really taken the fashion world by storm. The unique silhouettes of his shoes make the foot look straight sexy. The ankle strap is function and fashion, allowing the shoes to stay fastened, but also the design to become increasingly bold yet minimal. Barely there is the name of the game. When I first saw his “Joan” pointed-toe white leather pump, I was a mess. These pumps are no joke.

NG JC solitaire-platform-pump-blush-suede 140 NG tryst-pump 60

(Nastygal Jeffery Campbell, $140)       (NastyGal Tryst Pump, $60)

NG JC dont-even-platformwhite-leather 145

(NastyGal Jeffery Campbell, $145) is a great online shopping website full of unique and trendy styles. Shoe designer Jeffery Campbell, known for his outrageous, yet fairly affordable shoe candy, created some similar pairs. The same barely-there ankle strap pointed-toe silhouette is priced for a lot less, but with good quality.

zara vamp 49.90

(Zara Vamp, $49.90)

zara 49.90

(Zara Contrast Heel, $49.90)

Let it be known, I love Zara. Their shoes are always inspired by the latest designs and are surprisingly really comfortable, not to mention affordable and accessible. Being fashionably paranoid, I will always opt to buy things in-store rather than online, so when Zara jumped on the ankle strap bandwagon, I was first in line. My favorites are their Vamp heels because they are the perfect union of style, comfort, and affordability.

xxi d'orsay 26.80xxi colorblock plat 24.80

(XXI, D’Orsay Pump, $26.80)                     (XXI, Colorblock Platform, $24.80)

Forever 21 is a massive movement. Sometime is can be overwhelming going into the store or scrolling through their massive inventory online, but they are definitely on point when it comes to the latest trends. For those of you who love the ankle strap look, but just don’t wear heels too often, I suggest a pair of XXI pumps. They are affordable (you might not get too many wears, though) and trendy.

Target Mossimo Vinta 29.99 soldout

(Target Mossimo Vinta Ankle-Strap, $29.99)

target gurung pump 39.99 soldout

(Prabal Gurung for Target Sulphur Pump, $39.99)

Target has definitely stepped up their game. Interestingly enough, many designers create collections specifically for Target such as Prabal Gurung. First of all, he’s a genius. Second, his collection for Target is great. It’s a bit of everything. You have the ankle strap, the heel, the color, and most of all, the price. His collection is virtually sold out online, but you can still find them in-store. Aside from Gurung, I found these super cute and comfy Mossimo pumps as well.

Looking at some of the trends coming off Fashion Week, these ankle strap beauties aren’t going anywhere. We can anticipate some other unique shoes trends hitting consumer markets soon such as the sandal boot, printed shoes, metallics, and chunky heels. Mieux & Mieux  keeps a good circulation of styles and brands. Keep up with the trends and our inventory, and if they are hot, you can be sure Mieux & Mieux will be on it.

Rida, Editor


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